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Meet our customers

Learn how Graphite accelerates software development for companies of all sizes; whether you're a five-person team, rapidly growing startup, or established enterprise, Graphite can help you ship faster.
"Graphite makes it much faster for me to develop because I’m spending less time wrangling git"
"Asana engineers shipped 21% more code within 30 days by stacking with Graphite"
"Okay, you all have officially won. I now find myself preferring to review in Graphite over GitHub. New habit formed."
"With Graphite’s stacks, sync, and simplicity, engineers at The Browser Company are able to prototype, review, and ship features faster"
Andrew Monshizadeh
Software Engineer
"We've been using Graphite extensively for Next.js the past couple of months. Stacked PRs help land smaller changes faster."
Tim Neutkens
Author of NextJS
"I've been using Graphite for a week and it's already saved me ~20 hours of work."
Forbes Lindesay
Senior software engineer
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