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Create, review & merge PRs faster.

Graphite empowers you to easily create stacks of dependent PRs, while also giving you unique tools to quickly review and merge these changes, speeding up the entire development lifecycle.

Create pull requests.

By parallelizing review and development, stacking with Graphite keeps you unblocked on code review, allowing you to continue pushing PRs without waiting on review.


Visualize, create, update, share, and submit stacks of pull requests.

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VS Code Extension

Simplifies complex git operations, allowing you to create stacks of PRs visually from your IDE.

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Github sync

Graphite seamlessly integrates with GitHub, ensuring secure collaboration with your team.

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Review pull requests.

Graphite gives you all of the reviewer tools that you’ve been missing on GitHub, culminating in a review platform that enables you to review stacks of pull requests as fast as they’re shipped.

PR Inbox

See all of your pull requests across every repo, author, and stage of review, all in a central location.

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Graphite’s intelligent notifications separate the signal from the noise, keeping you in the loop.

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View historical development stats across your entire team, proving Graphite makes review faster.

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Merge pull requests.

Quickly merge stacks of pull requests, either individually, or all at once, eliminating cascading merge conflicts that come from manually rebasing.

Stack merge

Automatically rebase and merge stacks of pull requests with the click of a button.

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Merge when ready

Designate entire stacks to merge as soon as they’ve passed review, and CI, without any manual work.

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Merge queue

Merge queue works silently in the background, eliminating merge conflicts, keeping main green.

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