Learn how to track your team's engineering velocity with Graphite Insights.

Graphite’s goal is to improve engineering efficiency. Graphite Insights helps measure and improve that efficiency through transparent, customizable stats

Insights allows you to create, save, and share custom views with your queries. You can look at activity for yourself and your team members. This transparency aims to give all team members the benefit of data—regardless of their role on the team.


Users on the Team or Enterprise tier have access to detailed team insights. In addition to their individual insights and the aggregate of their organization, they can filter on other users in the organization and see a breakdown of each contributor's individual statistics. Learn more about Graphite's pricing tiers.


For a deep dive into Insights stats and how they're computed, see Insights stats definitions.

For selected users (aggregated):

  • Total PRs merged

  • Average number of PRs merged per person

  • Average number of PRs reviewed per person

  • Median publish to merge time

  • Median review response time

  • Median wait time to first review

  • Average number of review cycles until merge

  • (Graph) Number of PRs reviewed per person over a time period

  • (Graph) Number of PRs reviewed by Graphite users vs. non-Graphite users over a time period

  • (Graph) Number of PRs merged per person over a time period

  • (Graph) Number of PRs merged by Graphite users vs. non-Graphite users over a time period

For each individual user:


Is there a stat you want to see that isn't captured by Graphite Insights? Reach out to us at or message us in our Slack community.

The statistics that are shown on the Insights page are aggregated over a specific time period. Graphite provides four fixed time periods for your convenience: the past week, month, quarter, or year. You also have the option to input a custom time period.

Your Graphite plan dictates the time periods you have access to. The free tier allows you access to up to three months of data. The Team plan allows for up to two years. If you select a time period that reaches beyond this sync period, you'll see a banner warning you that some of your data will be missing.

If you're on the Graphite Team or Enterprise plans, you have the ability to filter and view insights for specific people or groups of people within your organization. On the Free plan, you can see your individual insights, as well as the aggregate across your entire organization.

You can create and name custom insights views across different time periods, repositories, and selected users. If you want to share a specific view with a teammate, you can also copy a permalink to that view (the "link" icon next to the view's name) to share with them.

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