Missing insights data
Learn how to troubleshoot missing insights data.

Insights data can be missing for a few reasons:

  • Graphite does not compute insights for your chosen repositories. We only compute insights for repositories that you or your organization's members have selected in the app. Make sure to select any repositories you want insights for in the app.

  • Graphite computes insights for your chosen repos, but has not yet run the computation. If this is the case, you should see the data within a day or two.

  • You've selected a time period that extends beyond your plan's GitHub sync period. For the free tier, you can see insights up to three months in the past. For the Team plan you can see insights up to two years back. Read more about what's included in each of Graphite's plans.

If you believe insights has missing data but not for one of the above reasons, reach out to us in our Slack community.

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