Using the Pull Request Inbox

Along with the CLI, Graphite offers an app to view your queue of open PRs from GitHub. It's optimized to help you review stacked changes efficiently, like moving between PRs in a stack, switching versions, and approving, commenting, and requesting changes.

Think of the pull request inbox as an "email client" for your PRs—it helps you stay organized and view which PRs need your attention.

Default repositories

Your default repositories are the repositories which your pull request inbox will display PRs for. You can select up to three default repositories on the Graphite free tier, and up to 30 on the Graphite Team and Enterprise tiers.


You can still view pull requests on Graphite in repositories that are not selected in your default repositories. However, they will not show up in your pull request inbox.

Inbox sections

Graphite creates six default sections for you:

  • Needs your review

  • Approved

  • Returned to you

  • Merging and recently merged

  • Drafts

  • Waiting for review

You can create an entirely new section with custom filters and preferences by clicking the add new section button under your existing sections.

You can edit an existing section by clicking the ⚙️ icon on the right side of the section header.

The order of your inbox sections is customizable. Drag the section to rearrange it from the left menu, or the section itself.