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Learn how to create, review, and merge pull requests faster.

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Set up Graphite on an existing or new GitHub repository in minutes. Quickly create stacked changes using trunk-based development through the CLI, and perform seamless code review with the Graphite web app.

Take a tour of Graphite

See a demo of creating, reviewing, and merging a stack of pull requests using the Graphite CLI and web app, as well as Graphite's interoperability with GitHub.


This video references the old names for the Graphite CLI's commands. The naming scheme has changed as of V1.0.0, which was released on 2023-09-13. The legacy commands will still be functional, but the CLI will prompt you to use the new command names. We will eventually deprecate the legacy names in future versions.

The rest of our documentation has been updated accordingly—we'll update the product tour soon!