Install Graphite

Since the Graphite CLI and app are built on top of GitHub's API, authenticating Graphite as a GitHub App delivers the best experience.


  • A GitHub organization

  • GitHub organization owner permissions (if the App hasn't been installed already)

Benefits of installing Graphite's GitHub App on your organization

During the Graphite onboarding flow, it is strongly recommended that you install or request installation of Graphite's GitHub App on your organization.

GitHub Apps are the officially recommended way to integrate with GitHub. Here are some of the benefits for installing Graphite’s GitHub App on your organization:

  • Access to GitHub webhooks, which provides Graphite with push-based updates for information like CI status, mergeability, and real-time push events within seconds.

  • Access to the Graphite Merge Queue. The Merge Queue is only available if our GitHub App is installed on the organization.

  • Avoid hitting secondary rate limits with the GitHub API. This means fewer API requests to keep your data up-to-date, leading to fewer API errors and lower latency.

  • Provides the most security for your organization, giving users more control over which repositories the app can access through fine-grained permissions and short-lived tokens.

Install the Graphite GitHub App

You can install or request Graphite's GitHub App on your organization using our guided onboarding flow that streamlines all the steps for you:

You can also install or request Graphite's GitHub App through GitHub, and the instructions can be found below:


You can only install a Graphite App on an organization if you're an organization owner. If you're not an owner, you should request to install the Graphite App instead.

If you're an organization owner, you can install the Graphite App directly on your chosen organization from the GitHub marketplace.

See GitHub's instructions to install an App from the GitHub marketplace.

If you're not an organization owner, you can request approval for the app to be installed. Once you've done so, you should reach out to an organization owner to have your request approved. You can find a list of organization roles and members using this link:{org-name}/people

  • As an organization owner, you may be notified by email or GitHub notifications that someone has requested the Graphite App on your organization, with a direct link to approve the request.

  • If you weren’t notified or want to go directly to the organization's settings to view this installation request, go to your organization’s home page > Settings > GitHub Apps. If there are pending installation requests, the GitHub Apps tab will have a yellow indicator:

  • After clicking into the page, you’ll see the list of app installation requests. Click review request next to the App name.

  • With GitHub App installation, you can decide if you want the App to have access to all of the organization’s repositories or select repositories. The requesting party can also pre-select which repositories they’d like the organization owner to approve and install the app for.

After the Graphite App has been installed on your organization or if you're joining an organization that has the app installed, you'll also need to give the Graphite App approval to retrieve information about your GitHub account and make changes on your behalf.

Other authentication methods

A GitHub user with the role Organization Owner is required to install or approve an installation request of the Graphite App. We understand that this isn't immediately possible for all users, so if you're waiting on an App installation request or need to use a different authentication method, we offer the option to use Graphite with a Personal Access Token.