Slack notifications

Integrating Slack with Graphite allows you to receive real-time notifications to help pull requests get reviewed quickly.

You have the ability to configure Slack notifications for PR activities like review requests, comments, mentions, and status changes. You can also set up reminder digests for PRs in your review queue, and approve, comment, or request changes on a PR directly from Slack.

  • A Slack workspace (free or paid)

Install the Graphite integration for Slack directly from the notifications settings page on the Graphite app.

After adding your Slack workspace, you will be prompted to give the Graphite app permissions to proceed.

In the future, you can modify the Graphite App's access to select workspaces and channels through this settings page.


When there are major updates to our integration for Slack, we will sometimes prompt users to "re-install" the integration for their workspace. To do so, you can follow the exact same installation flow in this guide. No need to remove the existing integration—adding the integration again will override your previous one.

After you've installed the integration, you can enable real-time notifications in the notifications settings page on the Graphite app. You can configure which types of events you want to receive notifications for.

Set up reminders about pull requests that belong to specific sections of the Graphite app in notification settings. In addition to updates about specific sections, you can configure how frequently the digests are sent (which days of the week, and at select times up to three times a day).

For the purpose of providing personalized and configurable updates and information about code contributions, the Graphite app can:

  • Send messages as @graphite in selected channels

  • Start direct messages with people

  • Upload, edit, and delete files as Graphite

  • View files shared in channels and conversations that Graphite has been added to

  • Add, edit, and delete remote files on a user’s behalf

  • View remote files added by the app in a workspace

  • Show previews of URLs in messages

  • View people in a workspace

  •  View URLs from