GitHub Enterprise Server
Learn how Graphite Enterprise customers can use Graphite with a GitHub Enterpise Server instance.

By default, Graphite connects to GitHub Cloud seamlessly - including GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Some companies chose to self-host their GitHub servers however, in an offering formally known as GitHub Enterprise Server.

Graphite Enterprise customers can use Graphite with a self-hosted GitHub Enterprise Server instance. We are able to connect through a combination of stable IP addresses and an IP allow list in the user's VPC. There is currently no way to self-serve connecting Graphite to one's self-hosted GitHub server. If you are interested in adopting Graphite at your company and do not use GitHub Cloud, please reach out to our support team for help integrating. Note: we only support this pattern of integration for Enterprise customers.

If you are uncertain whether your team uses a self-hosted GitHub server, try browsing to a company pull request and inspecting your URL. If the URL matches the pattern<org>/<repo>/pull/<number>, then you are using a standard cloud-hosted version of GitHub. However, if the URL matches a custom domain that does not include the host, then it's likely your company is self-hosting GitHub Enterprise Server.


Most modern companies choose to run on GitHub Cloud. If your company does not have specific important reasons to self-host such as extreme security concerns, we strongly recommend folks chose to host on GitHub Cloud, regardless of their use of Graphite.

No. There is no self-hosted deployment of Graphite's service available for a user to run in their own cloud. It's possible that we may consider such an offering in the future, but there are no plans in the works at the moment.

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