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How the fastest developers ship code.

Graphite helps you create smaller pull requests, stay unblocked, and ship faster. Built for stacking, integrated with GitHub & VS Code.

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Meet Graphite: Fast, simple code review
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Code review improved

The Graphite workflow

Graphite keeps you moving while you
create, review, and merge pull requests.

Merge pull requests

Ship faster

Merge changes automatically as they're approved, and entire stacks with one click. Graphite accelerates how quickly your code ships.

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Review pull requests

Everything in one place

Between the pull request inbox and notifications, never miss a thing. Quickly see which PRs need your attention, and seamlessly review, update, and merge.

Graphite syncs every pull request, comment, and reaction from GitHub; delivering all the relevant information to you, regardless of who wrote it or what repo it was in.

Create pull requests

Git simplified and improved

The Graphite CLIThe Graphite CLI automates common developer patterns and simplifies the process of managing stacked branches, fully integrated with git.

The Graphite VS Code extensionThe Graphite VS Code extension brings all the power of the CLI to your code editor. Drag and drop to rebase branches, quickly add changes, and visually resolve merge conflicts.

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Securely syncs to GitHub
Securely syncs to GitHub

Syncs to GitHub

Every pull request, review, and comment syncs seamlessly between GitHub and Graphite.

We use industry standard encryption for API tokens (at rest, in transit, and in memory), and are SOC2 compliant.

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