Graphite admin

Graphite admins manage users and billing information for their organization.

  • If you have admin or owner privileges in Github, you are automatically an admin for that organization in Graphite.

  • If you enter payment details in Graphite, you become a Graphite admin for that organization.


Being a Graphite admin does not grant you additional privileges in GitHub.

  • Graphite admins can invite users in Settings > Members in the Graphite app.

  • A Graphite admin can make anyone in their organization a Graphite admin (even if they're not an owner in GitHub).

  • Graphite admins can change Graphite admins (who aren't GitHub owners) to "member" status. This means GitHub owners are always Graphite admins (and this is immutable).

Only admins can:

  • View invoices

  • Pay through the billing portal

  • View active members