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Graphite admin
Learn how to manage users and billing information for your organization as a Graphite admin.

Team admins can manage billing, add or remove seats, and view or download invoices from Settings > Team billing. Team admins can also promote other members of the team to the admin role or restrict their access to read-only mode.

  • If you have admin or owner privileges in GitHub, you are automatically an admin for that organization in Graphite.

  • If you create a team in Graphite, you become a Graphite admin for that team.

  • If you enter payment details in Graphite, you become a Graphite admin for that team.


Being a Graphite admin does not grant you additional privileges in GitHub.

Graphite admins can manage Graphite users in their plan from Settings > Team billing in the Graphite app.

  • To add a member to your team, click Invite your teammates; once they accept the invitation, they will appear in your team membership list.

  • Edit a team member's role by selecting either "Admin" or "Member" next to their name.

    • Graphite admins can make anyone in their organization a Graphite admin (even if they're not an owner in GitHub).

    • Graphite admins can change Graphite admins (who aren't GitHub owners) to "Member" status. This means GitHub owners are always Graphite admins (and this is immutable).

  • To remove a member from your team, click the ... icon next to their name and select Remove from team.

  • To restrict a team member's access to read-only mode, click the ... icon next to their name and select Restrict access. Admins can be in read-only mode and retain their admin privileges (e.g., manage billing info).

Graphite subscriptions are managed through the Stripe billing portal, found at Settings > Team billing > Manage plan. Only Graphite admins can:

  • Pay through the billing portal

  • View and download invoices

  • Update the payment method

  • View active members

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