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Not a CLI person? Graphite's VS Code extension lets you create and manage stacked pull requests visually, right from your IDE.

The Graphite VS Code extension builds directly off of the Graphite CLI - it allows you to break up large engineering tasks into a series of small, incremental code changes directly from your IDE.

In order to install the Graphite VS Code extension, make sure that you have the Graphite CLI installed.

After that, you can install the extension from the Visual Studio marketplace, or by searching for "Graphite" in the extensions tab of your IDE.

You have a few options to start the VS Code extension:


You can modify the "Show in Sidebar" option in your VS Code settings to display the extension in an editor tab instead of a sidebar tab.

  • Visualize and manage your stacks within your IDE

  • Create new branches

  • Modify existing branches

  • Submit pull requests

  • Sync your trunk branch

  • First-class support for stacking

We're currently working on adding more functionality to the VS Code extension, including detail view for branches and their PRs, the ability to edit PRs via the extension, and more!

We're bringing the GUI to other IDEs soon! For now, you can run the (currently experimental) gt internal-only start to run the extension's view in your web browser.

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