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Customize the Graphite VS Code extension.

Everyone's IDE is personalized to their own workflow, so we've introduced some customizations to make using the VS Code extension as personalized as possible.

In the "settings" on the top right corner of the extension, you can select whether you'd like to show the branch name or the PR title in the stack visualization by default. When PR title is selected as the default and a branch doesn't have a PR title or a PR yet, we'll show you the branch name.

In the "settings" on the top right corner of the extension, you can select whether you'd like the default modification of a branch to amend the most recent commit on that branch, or to create an entirely new one on the branch. This corresponds to gt modify or gt modify -c.

Choose whether you want to default to creating draft or published PRs upon submitting from the extension. Draft will be selected by default.

Upon submitting from the extension, open Graphite's "stack edit" feature to add reviewers, edit description, tags, etc.

When focusing the contents of a branch of viewing uncommitted changes, you can click the "..." in the branch pane to adjust the filetree view to:

  • Short file names

  • Full file paths

  • Tree

  • One-letter directories

In the same menu, you can opt to show changes by:

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