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Review PRs with Graphite
Learn how to review pull requests on the Graphite dashboard.

You can be notified that a PR needs your review in Graphite in one of two ways:

  • Pull requests appear in the Needs Review section of your pull request inbox

  • Through the Graphite integration for Slack

You can start a review by hovering over a line number to leave a comment. Clicking the line number will allow you to leave a comment on a single line, and clicking and dragging across multiple lines will allow you to leave a comment that spans multiple lines of code. Graphite allows you to comment on both changed and unchanged lines of code.

In the comment field, leave your comment. The commenting box provides a number of markdown formatting options to select from in the footer. You can switch between markdown and preview format for each comment by clicking the "eye" icon near the right corner of each comment box.

When you finish entering your comment, you can click the dropdown on the post thread button to either:

  • Post thread: this posts the comment immediately. Great for one-off, non-opinionated comments.

  • Add to review: this will add the comment to a "batch." Once you batch the comment, it will be pending and only visible to you until you've submitted your final review, at which point all of your batched comments will also be submitted.

If you chose to add your comment to your review, the review bar that's pinned to the bottom of the PR will light up to show how many comments you have pending.

While reviewing, you can directly leave a suggested code edit to streamline the review process. You can either add these manually yourself, or leverage Graphite AI to turn your plain English suggestion into a code edit - saving both reviewer and author time.

Once you finish reading through and commenting on the contents of the pull request, you can leave a final review by hovering over the review bar that's pinned to the bottom of the PR page.

After you've added a summary of your review, you have three options:

  • Request changes

  • Just add comments

  • Approve


If you have any pending comments at the time you're leaving your final review, they will all be posted with your final review at once.

One of the best parts about reviewing PRs in the Graphite app is the ability to use custom memes and macros in your comments, descriptions, and reviews.

Each organization on Graphite has their own custom meme library, which you can access on the Meme Library tab of the PR inbox, or by using the G + / keyboard shortcut. To upload a gif or image, click the upload button and set a name for the meme:

To add a meme to your comment or review, you can click the "meme" icon in the footer of the comment box markdown editor to browse your meme library, or use the / character to search for a meme by name.

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