TypeScript in Monorepo

Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

Using TypeScript in a monorepo setup can streamline the development process by ensuring type safety and facilitating code sharing across multiple projects. Here's how to effectively manage TypeScript in a monorepo environment.

Advantages of TypeScript in a Monorepo

  • Type Safety Across Projects: TypeScript's static typing provides a layer of reliability when sharing code between projects in a monorepo.

  • Easier Refactoring: With TypeScript, refactoring shared code is less error-prone due to its compile-time checking.

  • Improved Developer Experience: TypeScript enhances autocompletion, navigation, and understanding of the codebase.

Strategies for Managing TypeScript Typings

  • Centralized @types: Store TypeScript type definitions in a centralized location within the monorepo to ensure consistency.

  • Use of Project References: Utilize TypeScript's project references feature to manage build ordering and dependencies between projects.

  • Path Aliases: Configure path aliases in tsconfig.json to simplify imports and maintain a clean code structure.

Cross-Project References in a Monorepo

  • Consistent Versioning: Ensure all projects within the monorepo are using the same TypeScript version to avoid discrepancies in type checking.

  • Shared tsconfig Settings: Use a base tsconfig.json to share common compiler options across projects, while allowing individual customization.

Best Practices for Configuration

  • Modular tsconfig Files: Break down the tsconfig.json into smaller, extendable files to manage different aspects like compilation options and path mappings.

  • Incremental Builds: Leverage TypeScript's incremental build feature to speed up the compilation process by only rebuilding projects that have changed.

Dealing with Scalability

  • Code Splitting: Organize code into smaller, more manageable chunks to prevent bloating of any single project within the monorepo.

  • Efficient Build Tools: Use tools like Turbo or Nx that are optimized for monorepo setups to handle TypeScript builds efficiently.

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