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Last week, we decided to give our file upload experience a little bit of love - now it's smooth like butter.

In this update, you can upload multiple files (as opposed to one at a time), and drag and drop them to the exact position which you want them to be placed. We've also added a progress bar to show you the upload progress - no more infinite upload spinner!

These changes apply to the description editor, as well as in-line and issue-level comments. Give it a try!

Merge when ready phased release

We'll be releasing merge when ready to users using a phased approach in order to help us gather data and continue to improve/iterate on the experience before general release.

Fast-forward merge (merge queue)

For those currently participating in our merge queue paid beta, we recently released fast-forward merge. It's a setting that can be applied on top of your chosen merge method, and cuts merge time by processing stacked PRs in parallel. If you're interested in the paid beta, reach out in our community slack or contact us at

  • PR mergeability now takes codeowners into consideration

  • Git blame is back!

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