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We officially launched Graphite real-time Slack notifications (previously in Beta) to everyone!

Read on to see how you can enable Graphite notifications for Slack as well as a few other fun features we've released this week!

- The Graphite team

You can connect the Graphite App to your Slack workspace to be notified of important updates to your pull requests (i.e. new reviews, replies to your comments, merge status) and even review small PRs directly from Slack.

To avoid overlapping pings for the same update, we suggest turning off GitHub's Slack notifications (if applicable) before turning on Graphite notifications..

Note: Re-install the Slack app in your Graphite notification settings to enable this feature.

Each time you send a graphite link in Slack, the link unfurls to reveal the PR's status, key info and the title/description. Note that you have to re-install the Slack app in your notifications settings for this to be enabled.

After reviewing a PR, you'll see a modal that will give you a quick summary your review stats for the last week. You'll also be prompted to visit Graphite Insights, and review the next PR in the stack if applicable.

By popular request, we've added three new pages to our documentation: an end-to-end Graphite quick-start, a Graphite cheatsheet for commonly used commands, and a feature comparison between Graphite and Sapling.

Last week we released a new blog post about how we've utilized the GPT3 API to create additional Graphite features like AI summarize. We talk about the strengths and weaknesses of GPT3 and plans for future integrations.

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