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Remember poke from our last newsletter? Well guess what:

We shipped it.

Sometimes you need to give someone an extra little nudge to get a code review going, and that's exactly what poke is for. When you poke a reviewer, they'll get a Slack notification saying who poked them and a link to the pull request they were poked on. Don't worry, we're protecting y'all against the trolls (no spam pokes).

And finally, as a tribute to Facebook's old days, you can poke reviewers back - just click the poke back button in Slack.

To get started with poke, enable real-time Slack notifications from the Graphite notifications settings page.

👩‍💻 Chrome extension updates
We made a few updates to our chrome extension - it will add a button to the GitHub PR page that redirects to the equivalent Graphite PR page instead of executing a hard redirect. Install it here.

🧵 Threaded comment reply improvements
We wanted to make it easier to reply to comments in a thread without starting a new review - now you can immediately post responses to comments in threads without having to click 'submit review'.

  • Comment recovery: Graphite now stores comments locally as they are being written. That way, if something happens (app crashes, browser refreshes), we will recover the in-progress comment when you return to the page.

  • Better PR page loading signals: Loading bar that shows progress in fetching the pull request page

  • Updates to PR filtering: Our new filtering improvements should result in less missing PRs - if you've never updated your sections, we've migrated them to the new filters. If you have, reach out to us on Slack and we can migrate them for you.

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