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April 4th, 2023

What's up, Graphite users!

Every quarter, the Graphite team goes heads-down to crunch out some awesome features during our quarterly hackweek. We wanted to highlight some of the features we released last week, as well as teasers for a few we know you guys have been dying to see. 

⚡️Graphite interactive (not released)

Graphite interactive (GTI) is a highly anticipated VS Code extension that will allow you to execute CLI commands using a click/drag interface. We're still adding some finishing touches to GTI, but it's one of the highlights from our hackweek; stay tuned for the release!

👈 Poke (not released)

Need a pair of eyes on your PR ASAP? Poke is a feature that allows you to send people an extra nudge via Slack notifications. It isn't released yet, but we'd love to know if you're interested (sorry to all reviewers in advance).

🔍 Mini insights

Mini insights allows you to see your weekly review/code contributions at a glance right from the comfort of your PR inbox. Flip through to see your merge count and review/merge ratio, as well as how these compare to you performance last week.

🎉 Fun mode

We get it, sometimes there's a time and place for fun. Now you can disable fun mode features like confetti and reviewmoji in settings.

👩‍💻 Chrome extension updates

Due to popular demand, we've updated our chrome extension to add a link to the Graphite PR instead of redirecting you entirely!

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