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This week's feature updates are focused on improving workflow & usability in the Graphite app - as a result, we've moved around/improved some existing features.

For those who use VSCode, this should look really familiar - 

scroll bar comment indicators give you a high-level idea of where the conversations in your PR are happening.

Hovering over the indicator gives you a sneak peek at who left the comment and on what lines, and clicking on it jumps you directly to that conversation.

Visit your PR inbox to give this a try, let us know what you think!

Pinned review bar

Reviewing pull requests has never been quicker - hover over the submit review tab pinned at the bottom of the PR page to leave a review no matter where you are in the code.

Updated pull request header
Your PR's branch name and stack visualization now live in the PR’s header instead of the right panel. Additionally if there are comments on your code, you can jump directly to them by clicking the jump to next thread button next to the stack visualization.

Other fixes/improvements

  • Minor updates to resolve threads UX

  • Minor tweaks/usability improvements on settings

  • Helpful keyboard shortcuts are now listed at the bottom of a PR page

  • New stack icon highlights if you're at the bottom, middle or top of the stack

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