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The ability to track the merge/commit history of a repository is important for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) documenting historical changes to your repository and identifying bugs/regressions.

We've introduced the new merge activity page for these reasons - if your org has merge queue enabled, this where the queue and its history will live as well.

 Fun fact: At Graphite HQ, we have live dashboards scattered throughout our workspace, with one specifically dedicated to displaying the merge activity page. This allows us to enjoy a real-time preview of merges into our trunk branch.

Improved diff readability

Based on community feedback, we've made code diffs more readable in both light mode and dark mode with a syntax highlighting scheme resembling GitHub's.

Merge when ready preview group

You heard that right, we're reviving merge when ready! If you're interested in testing merge when ready before its release, reach out to us on our community Slack to be added to the preview group.

  • Small UX updates to the expand lines functionality in the diff view

  • .tsx/.ts files now support pinned function declarations in the diff view - more language support coming soon

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