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Code review isn't just about fixing bugs, it's about operating efficiently and shipping quickly.

That's why we created Insights - we wanted to give users a better idea of how their organization is reviewing and comitting code. This week, we shipped a completely new Insights experience that makes this goal even easier.

Updates include:

  • Customize, save, and delete specific views

  • Copy and share permalinks to custom views

  • Compare contributions between Graphite and non-Graphite users

  • Hover over graphs to see contributions at a specific point in time

  • Toggle between cumulative and daily views on each visualization

  • Quick-view stats across the top of the page

Function definition headers

Previously, we supported expandable function definition headers for only .ts and .tsx files - now we've rolled it out to support even more filetypes (Python, Golang, JavaScript, and Java).

  • Merge when ready is available to everyone (previously available to only select users)

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