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No, this isn't a dream - the pre-release version of Graphite Interactive is now available on the VSCode marketplace!

Graphite Interactive (GTI for short) is a GUI that allows you to easily create, manage, and edit your stacked changes in VSCode without having to touch the command line - it's our version of Facebook's Interactive Smartlog.

Once you've installed the pre-release version of GTI, make sure you join the #gti-preview channel in our Slack community to leave any questions, comments or feedback!

If you're on the Graphite Team plan, your team has exclusive access to the Graphite Merge Queue. This week, we released enqueue via label: you'll be able to add a PR to the Graphite Merge Queue by simply assigning a pre-defined label to (especially helpful for teammates not using Graphite). Learn how to enable this for your organization here.

Schedule a merge queue onboarding session with the engineering team here!

  • Watch our new product tour video here!

  • Safely leave Graphite immediately after posting reviews (less of the pesky are you sure you want to leave this page modal)

  • Improved CLI collaboration experience — downstack get now incorporates non-conflicting remote changes automatically

  • Re-request reviews on PRs via the new --rerequest-review flag from the Graphite CLI

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