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The Graphite VS Code extension is officially available for download on the VS Code marketplace! With the extension you can visualize and manage your stacks without leaving your favorite IDE.

Just like the Graphite CLI, the extension allows you to create new branches, modify existing branches, submit pull requests and sync your trunk branch. The best part? It has first-class support for stacking!

Give it a try and let us know what you think in our Slack community!

Graphite's new commit suggested changes feature is available to all users! Next time someone leaves a code suggestion on your PR, you'll be able to apply the change directly from the Graphite web app. To leave a code suggestion on someone's PR from Graphite, start a comment thread and click the suggested edits icon inside the comment editor. Head to your PR inbox to give both of these features a try!

The new unresolved comments panel in the general info section of the PR page allows you to quickly navigate to important comments on your PR. This feature was developed thanks to numerous requests for better comment visibility from users in our Slack community - join today to suggest ideas for new features and improvements!

For users on the Graphite Team or Enterprise plans, the Graphite Merge Queue now supports hot-fixing PRs via label! Head to your repository settings and specify a label to be used for hot-fixes to get started.

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