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Here's everything new in Graphite in the last two weeks! If you haven't already, chat with our team in our Slack community and sign up for a Graphite account today.

  • CLI release 1.2.8 (full changelog + highlights below)

  • Let AI write your PR titles & descriptions using gt create --ai [BETA]

  •  gt create will now replace slashes in commit messages when inferring branch names, and will convert uppercase letters to lowercase (configurable)

  • New --edit-title and --edit-description flags to gt submit to allow for editing the PR title and body. --no-edit-title and --no-edit-description can be used to skip the prompts for each. 

  • Fixed an issue resulting in certain commands failing when using a YubiKey-protected SSH key.

  • Fixed gt demo on Windows

  • Better dashboard performance when working with very tall stacks

Join Graphite's cofounder, Greg Foster, and Graphite's CLI creator, Jacob Gold, for an hour dedicated to teaching the core Graphite workflow, showcasing upcoming features, and Q&A.

Whether you're new to stacking or looking to sharpen your skills, this session is tailored for you. RSVP here!

We've updated the Review Bar on the pull request page to make the actions you can take as a reviewer more clear. Try it out! 

A hotly-requested feature, easily re-run only the failed jobs when CI is failing on a PR (instead of all jobs). This is especially helpful if you have a few flaky tests you need to run a few times before they pass -- it'll save you a few clicks and plenty of time waiting on CI.

This is rolling out to users gradually over the coming week 🔜

We've reorganized the information shown at the top of each PR to improve your experience reviewing code. The PR title, description, and stack information are now capped to a max width and centered for better readability on wide screens.

And the PR's stack is now front and center, giving you immediate context about how the current PR you're viewing fits in with the rest of the stacked changes.  Check it out on the PR page!

When CI fails on a PR in a stack, it can affect the status of all the changes above it ("upstack"). And now when you're reviewing one of those relevant PRs, you'll see an indicator if CI failures are a result of issues in a PR lower in the stack! Try it out on the PR page.

We know how frustrating it can be waiting for CI to pass so that your PR can merge. The Graphite merge queue now supports running CI for multiple PRs in parallel. This substantively speeds up time to merge and makes it so your users get your features faster.

Currently rolling out in beta; if you want access, and haven't already, please fill out this form to be a part of the beta. 

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