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Here's everything new in Graphite in the last two weeks! If you haven't already, chat with our team in our Slack community and sign up for a Graphite account today.

  • Enable/disable Automations comments when editing the automation

  • Added new protections against slow operations to improve uptime

  • 📋 Full CLI changelog

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It doesn't always make sense to add all reviewers to your PR until you know it passes CI and you're ready for feedback. Or you might want to send yourself a Slack notification if your PR doesn't build. Or, leave a comment reminding the author to merge when CI passes and their PR is approved. 

All of this is now possible with the new CI triggers for Graphite automations! Set up your first automation.

Now officially released to all users, easily re-run only the failed jobs when CI is failing on a PR (instead of all jobs). This is especially helpful if you have a few flaky tests -- it'll save you a few clicks and plenty of time waiting on CI. Try it out on the PR page!

Focus on coding, not paperwork. Graphite can now write your PR titles & descriptions for you, both in your browser and from your terminal. Available in beta.

You can also do this in the CLI with gt create --ai and gt submit --ai

To avoid reviewing a PR that still needs to be rebased, Graphite now shows when you when the PR author should run gt sync && gt submit.

When you’re working with a teammate on the same stack, Graphite can now seamlessly integrate remote changes so you can both work without blocking each other. Previously both authors had to go through unnecessary merge conflict resolution, which Graphite now automates!

So you can do gt get, make your changes, and gt sync without worry.

Update: this is now available in the general CLI release. See the full changelog.

We know how frustrating it can be waiting for CI to pass so that your PR can merge. The Graphite merge queue now supports running CI for multiple PRs in parallel. This substantially speeds up time to merge and makes it so your users get your features faster.

Currently rolling out in beta; if you want access, and haven't already, please fill out this form to be a part of the beta. 

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