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Here's everything new in Graphite in the last two weeks! If you haven't already, chat with our team in our Slack community and sign up for a Graphite account today.

  • 🤝 Improvements to `gt get` and `gt sync` for collaborating on stacks

  • 👁️ Keyboard shortcut for marking files as viewed (cmd+enter)

  • 📋 Full CLI changelog

We're so excited to present our second-ever launch week April 22-26 with a ton of new product & feature announcements. Everything we'll be announcing comes straight from your feedback!

And at the end of the week on April 26, join Graphite CEO and cofounder Merrill Lutsky, as we discuss how the right tools can enable enterprises to codify best engineering practices across your entire org, boosting company-wide engineering velocity and developer satisfaction. RSVP today!

Join us Wednesday, April 17 for another Graphite 101 livestream with Graphite CTO & cofounder Greg Foster and CLI engineer Jacob Gold. Great for both new and intermediate stackers, come see an overview of how to integrate stacking into your everyday workflow, check out our roadmap, and ask questions to the team!

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It's no secret: nobody likes reviewing big pull requests. And now, you can keep an eye on your team's historical trends. Check it out for your team!

With the Graphite merge queue you can always merge from Graphite or from GitHub via a label. And now you can even do this without a Graphite account, which is especially useful for letting bots merge. This means you could set up an automation to automatically merge dependabot PRs!

This feature is available for orgs on an enterprise Graphite plan.

To avoid reviewing a PR that still needs to be rebased, Graphite now shows when you when the PR author should run gt sync && gt submit.

When you’re working with a teammate on the same stack, Graphite can now seamlessly integrate remote changes so you can both work without blocking each other. Previously both authors had to go through unnecessary merge conflict resolution, which Graphite now automates!

So you can do gt get, make your changes, and gt sync without worry.

This is now available in the general CLI release. See the full changelog.

The Graphite team would like to understand your experience with CI, in particular how stacked PRs interact with it. This will help us better support your team as you stack more. 

👉 Schedule a quick Zoom call with our team or fill out this form at your convenience. Thank you!

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