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👋 Hey Graphite users, it's been a while!

In case you didn't notice, Graphite has a new look! This past week, we launched a shiny new website, logo and splash page. And don't forget - you can stay up to date with announcements and feature updates like this one by following our twitter!

New features we think you'll 💙

 ✍️ Description edit preview

Now when you edit PR descriptions in the Graphite dashboard, you can see a live-updating preview of what your markdown will look like IRL!

 🔍 Command bar search

The command bar now supports quick search! Hit cmd + k and enter a search term to see matching PRs across selected repositories.

🚦 Status page

You can now visit to check the current working status of Graphite systems, incident reports & more.

🔦 Syntax highlighting

We've updated syntax highlighting on the Graphite app to more closely resemble the syntax highlighting employed by VSCode for more readable code.

🧪 Multiple token CLI auth

Stack diffs on any machine, anywhere, at any time! Graphite now supports authenticating CLI on multiple machines simultaneously - visit the CLI settings page to view and manage your active tokens, or create new ones.

🖐️ Merge when ready

Tired of checking back in to the Graphite dashboard to see if your PR is ready to be merged? We have good news - now you can choose to merge a PR when it's ready instead of waiting for all its merge conditions to be satisfied.

🗣️ Interactive blame

Blames are now interactive - you can hover/click on names next to changed lines of code to redirect to the original PR.

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