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What’s up Graphite users! You ask, we deliver. Many of the new features we add are based on your feedback/bug submissions, threads on our community slack, or comments on twitter.

Let us know if there’s a feature you’ve been dying to see and who might end up on the next changelog update!

- The Graphite team

Our new AI summarize feature allows you to generate PR summaries with the push of a button using OpenAI's GPT3 API (blog post on this soon).

Not a fan of the split view in Graphite? Now you can switch between a split and unified diff view to further customize your code review experience.

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in long comment threads on a PR - now you can focus on important conversations with the new show threads tab.

We now mark comments that were left on previous versions of a PR as stale so that you'll know if the conversation you're looking may no longer be relevant.

Often times changes are made to a PR post-review; as a reviewer, you'll never miss these new changes with our new changes since last review banners.

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