10 reasons to try Graphite

Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

When considering the adoption of any new tool or workflow, it’s crucial to look beyond the surface and understand the transformative potential it offers. Here’s a compelling case for why your team should consider embracing Graphite and the stacked diffs workflow:

Streamlined reviews lead to better code. Stacked diffs facilitate smaller, more focused reviews that are easier to manage and less prone to error, increasing the overall quality of the codebase.

Never wait to keep coding. While one diff is under review, you can proceed with your next task. This parallel workflow avoids the bottleneck of monolithic code reviews, keeping the development cycle brisk and efficient.

Make merges a breeze. Smaller changes naturally result in fewer conflicts. And when conflicts do arise, they are typically less complex and easier to resolve, saving time and reducing frustration.

Know who did what and why. With stacked diffs, each code change is attributable, allowing for clear traceability and accountability within the team, which is essential for both learning and troubleshooting.

Graphite’s powerful features are a game-changer. It is specifically designed to handle the nuances of stacked diffs, streamlining the process and removing the heavy lifting from the developer’s shoulders.

Experience seamless feature rollouts. By breaking down features into backend, API, and UI diffs, each layer can be integrated smoothly, making for a more manageable and less risky release process.

Prepare for your project’s future. As the project scales, so will the complexity of managing code changes. Stacked diffs are inherently scalable, providing a foundation that supports growth.

Stay ahead of technical debt. Regular, small updates mean that technical debt is addressed continuously, preventing the accumulation that can occur with larger, less frequent code pushes.

Adopt a method that promotes order. Stacked diffs encourage a disciplined, modular approach to coding, paving the way for a more organized and professional codebase.

Lead the charge in development practices. Adopting Graphite and stacked diffs isn’t just a workflow change—it’s a step forward in engineering culture, promoting best practices that will benefit your team now and into the future.

In summary, the leap to Graphite and stacked diffs can be likened to upgrading to a high-performance vehicle; it’s not just about the enhanced speed but also about the precision, control, and advanced capabilities that come with it. By making this switch, your team will not only be optimizing your current workflow but also setting a standard for excellence that resonates with every line of code you write.

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