Gerrit Adoption: Companies, Projects, and Timelines

Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

  • Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP): One of the largest and most notable adopters of Gerrit is Google’s Android team, which uses Gerrit for managing contributions to the Android Open Source Project.

    • Adoption Timeline: The AOSP has been using Gerrit since early in Android's development, with the platform becoming the official version control system for Android in 2009.
  • Eclipse Foundation: The Eclipse Foundation uses Gerrit for code reviews across many of its projects, emphasizing the tool's capability to handle contributions from a vast community.

    • Adoption Timeline: Eclipse made the transition to Gerrit for its projects around 2011.
  • MediaWiki: The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia and related projects, also uses Gerrit for managing MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia.

    • Adoption Timeline: Wikimedia adopted Gerrit in 2012, transitioning from an earlier system.
  • OpenStack: This open-source cloud computing platform is another significant user of Gerrit, demonstrating the tool's ability to manage complex, collaborative projects.

    • Adoption Timeline: OpenStack has been using Gerrit since its early days around 2011.
  • Shawn Pearce: The original creator of Gerrit, Shawn Pearce was deeply involved with the Git community and contributed significantly to Git tooling. His work on Gerrit began around 2008.
  • Continuous Integration (CI): Many companies have integrated Gerrit with Jenkins, a popular CI tool, to streamline their development workflows.

  • Code Review Culture: Gerrit’s emphasis on code review has influenced many organizations to adopt rigorous review processes, enhancing code quality and collaboration.

  • User Interface: Gerrit's interface, while functional, has often been critiqued for not being as intuitive or modern as those of other tools like GitHub or GitLab.

  • Feature Pace: The open-source community continues to contribute to Gerrit, but the pace of introducing cutting-edge features may lag behind proprietary services or those with a more extensive contributor base.

Gerrit has been widely adopted by a variety of organizations and has played a crucial role in the evolution of code review practices. While it has shown signs of aging, particularly in its user interface, the tool remains a staple in many development ecosystems due to its powerful features and the strong community that supports it.

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