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Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

Gerrit serves not only as a code review tool but also as a powerful Git repository management system. Its repository hosting is built to handle the demands of large-scale and complex projects with precision.

  • Access Controls: Fine-grained permissions can be set for individual users or groups, dictating who can read, push, or merge changes.

  • Branch-Level Permissions: Permissions can be applied to specific branches to protect stable and release branches from unreviewed changes.

  • Commit Signing: Gerrit can enforce that all commits are signed with GPG keys, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of code changes.

  • Audit Logging: Provides detailed logs of all actions taken within the repository, crucial for maintaining an audit trail.

  • Hierarchical Project Structure: Projects in Gerrit can be organized hierarchically, inheriting access controls and configurations, which simplifies management of multiple related projects.

  • Tagging and Gating: Tags can be controlled to prevent unverified or unauthorized code from being marked as a release, and changes can be gated based on configurable criteria.

Gerrit’s repository hosting includes several key features tailored for enhanced collaboration and control:

  • Replication: Gerrit can replicate its repositories to other Git servers for backup or load balancing, ensuring data is safe and accessible.

  • Web-Based Repository Browser: The included GitWeb tool allows users to browse repositories, view the history, download diffs, and review commit messages through the web interface.

  • Review Triggers: Changes in repositories can automatically trigger reviews or other actions, facilitating continuous integration and deployment practices.

Designed to handle the workload of large enterprises, Gerrit is optimized for performance and scalability:

  • Efficient Handling of Large Repositories: Gerrit is adept at managing large repositories with many contributors and high commit frequencies.

  • Caching Mechanisms: Internal caching of frequently accessed data minimizes server load and accelerates response times.

  • Hooks and Plugins: Gerrit supports server-side hooks and a rich set of plugins, allowing teams to extend functionality and integrate with other systems in their development environment.

  • Scriptable REST API: The RESTful API enables automation of various repository actions and integration with custom tools.

Gerrit’s repository hosting capabilities provide a secure, controlled, and scalable environment suitable for enterprise-grade software development. Its strong focus on access controls, auditability, and project management tools makes it an excellent choice for organizations that value precise governance over their codebases. With Gerrit, teams can confidently manage code changes and collaborate effectively, while maintaining high standards of quality and security.

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