Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

Graphite is a cutting-edge development tool designed to streamline the code review process by introducing an efficient pattern of stacked code changes. This tool is particularly useful for development teams looking to adopt a more structured and scalable approach to code management on platforms like GitHub.


Graphite is a developer tool that integrates with GitHub to optimize the process of code review and change management. It builds on the concept of stacked diffs, which allows developers to stack code changes in a sequence that makes reviewing and merging more manageable and less error-prone.

  • Stacked Changes Workflow: Enables developers to stack changes for review, allowing for a more organized and incremental approach to code development.

  • Command-Line Interface (CLI): The CLI offers a suite of commands to manage the stacking process directly from the command line, simplifying git operations.

  • Visual Studio Code Extension: Integrates with VS Code, providing a user-friendly interface for managing git operations and workflows.

  • Merge Queue: Automates the merging process, increasing the team’s ability to push code by managing dependencies between pull requests.

  • Sync and Notifications: Keeps your GitHub and Graphite accounts in sync, providing instant notifications for pull requests and comments.

  • Security and Compliance: Maintains high security standards with SOC 2 Type II compliance, ensuring customer data is protected.

Graphite was inspired by the code review systems used at major tech companies like Google and Meta. The founders, who have experience with the stacked diffs workflow at these companies, realized the potential of this system for improving productivity and decided to make it accessible for teams using GitHub.

Graphite's workflow involves breaking down large engineering tasks into a series of small, incremental code changes. It promotes a trunk-based development method, where developers frequently rebase their changes onto the main branch. Each change is typically dependent on the last, which helps maintain a clean and up-to-date codebase.

Installing Graphite is straightforward. It can be done via Homebrew or npm, and once installed, the tool is fully compatible with git—allowing developers to start using the suite of gt commands immediately.

The CLI abstracts complex git patterns into single commands, streamlining the development process. It helps developers stay unblocked, develop faster, and provide more helpful comments as reviewers.

  • Simplifies git operations and workflows.

  • Decreases the time it takes to merge pull requests.

  • Empowers developers with faster code shipping capabilities.

  • Offers flexibility by working alongside favorite workflows and git commands.

Graphite is designed for teams to collaborate better. It allows for an efficient review and modification of PRs, or diffs, and supports a stacked-PR workflow with GitHub as the version control system.

Graphite provides various support options and documentation to help teams transition to using the tool. They offer an onboarding process to help set teams up for success, with recommendations to commit to using Graphite for at least one to three months to fully realize its collaborative benefits.

Graphite is an innovative solution for modern development teams looking to improve their code review and management workflows. Its focus on stacked changes, combined with an intuitive CLI and seamless GitHub integration, positions Graphite as a powerful ally in the realm of developer tools.

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