How to split a pull request into multiple PRs

Greg Foster
Greg Foster
Graphite software engineer

In collaborative software projects, large pull requests can be a bottleneck to the review process. Graphite's suite of tools offers a streamlined approach to divide a single large PR into multiple smaller PRs, facilitating faster reviews and improved code quality. This guide will walk you through the process of splitting a PR using Graphite's split and submit commands.

Callout: Smaller PRs tend to be reviewed more quickly and with greater attention to detail, leading to a more robust codebase.

  • Review Efficiency: Shorter PRs are easier and quicker for reviewers to understand.

  • Focused Discussions: Discussions can remain focused on specific changes rather than sprawling across multiple contexts.

  • Faster Integration: Smaller PRs can be merged faster, reducing the risk of merge conflicts.

Before you begin splitting your PR, ensure that you have a clear understanding of how your changes can be logically grouped into separate, self-contained updates.

Graphite's gt split command allows you to create new branches for each group of changes that you want to turn into individual PRs.

  1. Identify Changes: Look at the changes in your current PR and decide how you want to group them.

  2. Run the Split Command: Execute gt split to start the interactive process.

  3. Create New Branches: Graphite will guide you through creating new branches for each set of changes.

Example command:

gt split

Once you've split your changes into separate branches, you can use the gt submit command to open new PRs for each branch.

  1. Review Stacks: Use gt stack to review the branches you’ve created.

  2. Submit the Stacks: Execute gt submit to open a PR for each branch in your stack.

  3. Link PRs: Reference each new PR in the original PR to maintain context.

Example command:

gt submit

Callout: With gt submit, you can efficiently open multiple PRs simultaneously, a powerful feature for handling complex features or refactorings that span across different parts of the codebase.

Splitting a large PR into multiple smaller ones can significantly enhance the review process. By leveraging Graphite's split and submit commands, developers can easily manage their PRs, resulting in a more efficient and effective development workflow. Adopt these practices to ensure your changes are integrated swiftly and without overwhelming your team.

For a deep dive into each command and more advanced usage, visit Graphite's official documentation.

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