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Greg Foster
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Phabricator was developed by Phacility originally as an internal tool at Facebook and has since evolved into an open-source platform used by a variety of organizations worldwide. Its modular design allows teams to choose the components that best fit their workflow, enabling a customized development environment that can scale with the needs of any project.


  • Differential: A code review tool that facilitates thorough peer review and maintains code quality.

  • Diffusion: A repository hosting solution that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

  • Maniphest: A versatile issue tracker that doubles as a project management tool, helping teams stay on top of tasks and bugs.

  • Herald: A tool for creating custom rules that trigger automated actions within the development process.

Phabricator stands out for its integrative approach to software development tools. Some reasons why engineering teams choose Phabricator include:

  • Integration Friendly: It seamlessly combines with existing version control systems and can be integrated with a wide range of other development tools.

  • Customization: Teams can customize workflows, rules, and user interfaces to match their specific needs, making Phabricator highly adaptable.

  • Self-Hosted: As a self-hosted solution, it offers companies full control over their data and security, providing peace of mind for sensitive projects.

  • Open Source: Being open source, it allows for community contributions, ensuring the platform continues to evolve and improve over time.

Phabricator is suitable for:

  • Software Development Teams: Looking for an integrated set of tools to manage their codebase, track issues, and enhance collaboration.

  • Project Managers: Who need a powerful project management tool that can provide insights into task distribution, progress, and roadmaps.

  • Quality Assurance Professionals: Who require an efficient system for tracking bugs and communicating with developers.

  • DevOps Teams: In need of a tool that can integrate with their continuous integration/delivery pipelines.

Phabricator has a vibrant community that contributes to its ongoing development and provides support through forums and documentation. Users can find a wealth of resources including:

  • Official Documentation: Comprehensive and regularly updated, the official documentation is the go-to source for learning about Phabricator.

  • Community Forums: An active place for users to seek help, share tips, and discuss development practices.

  • Commercial Support: For teams needing dedicated professional support, commercial options are available.

As an all-in-one development tool, Phabricator is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of modern software development teams. Its comprehensive suite of applications supports a range of development workflows and processes, helping teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

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