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Now by pressing [CMD + K] you can instantly open up PR search, making it easier than ever to navigate all your PRs across your repo.

You can now join the Graphite CLI beta to get access to all the latest features before they're released to the general public.

Check out our docs to get started today!

A request from an extremely valued community member; we're very proud to bring you BIG emojis! Now if a comment consists of a single line of emojis, they'll be upscaled to really add some OOMF.

Ensuring commits come from a trusted source is important, so Graphite now supports commit signing. By syncing with GitHub, Graphite will display verification of GPG, SSH, or S/MIME signatures. To get started, follow the instructions at the bottom of the preferences page.

These features were developed in direct response to all of the great feedback we continually get from our Slack community - join today to suggest ideas for new features and improvements!

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