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Today we're releasing merge from Slack.

If you're using Graphite Slack notifications, you'll notice a new Merge... button next to your PR notifications - when clicked, it will show you a modal with the mergeability calculations for any downstack PRs before allowing you to merge.

Install the Slack integration for Graphite to get started with merge from Slack, and check out this live demo on our Twitter!

Quick reminder to sign up for Graphite Team - we’re rolling out our pricing plans to more users over the next few weeks. As our earliest supports & beta users, we’re offering our team plan at $20/user/mo (or $18.33/user/mo on an annual plan) until August 7th. For more information, please see our plans and our pricing docs or reach out to

  • You can add assignees to PRs on the Graphite dashboard and can filter by assignee on your PR inbox.

  • Updates/improvements to the re-run CI experience from the Graphite dashboard

  • Merge when ready is now available for merge queue users

  • To all of our NYC-based users, we're hosting another Graphite community meetup on July 13th (this Thursday)! RSVP here and you could get a chance to receive some Graphite exclusive swag:

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