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Graphite offers a scalable per active-user pricing model. We offer three base plans: Free, Team and a highly customizable Enterprise option for larger companies.

Some of the main reasons to upgrade to a paid plan include:

  1. Your organization frequently exceeds the free limit of 10 active stacks at any given time

  2. You actively work in more than three repositories

  3. You frequently submit PRs through the Graphite CLI, and review and merge PRs through the Graphite app

  4. You want to see more than three months of searchable pull request history on the Graphite app

  5. You want access to team features like the Graphite Merge Queue and Insights

Graphite charges for three main types of activities:

  • Submitting pull requests through the Graphite CLI

  • Reviewing and/or commenting on pull requests in the Graphite app

  • Merging pull requests through the Graphite app or Graphite Merge Queue (including merging with a label)

We will only count a user as active if they’ve submitted, reviewed, or merged in the past 30 days. Viewing a PR on the Graphite app is not considered a billable activity.

Graphite automatically calculates the number of seats you are billed for based on user activity. This way, you can add anyone to your Graphite plan without having to worry about manually adjusting the number of users. Here’s how it works:

  • On the first day you sign up for a plan, Graphite will bill your organization based on the number of active users on the plan on that day.

  • If a new user becomes active on Graphite during the billing cycle, you’ll be charged for the user based on the prorated amount of time left in that billing cycle.

  • If any users become inactive, we’ll issue a credit back to you at the end of the billing cycle.

Here are some illustrative billing scenarios:

Account activityStatusBilling action
A member hasn't submitted, merged, or reviewed a PR in the past 30 daysInactiveCredits are deposited in the Graphite account for the prorated, unused portion of the billing cycle
An inactive member submits, merges, or reviews a PRActiveGraphite automatically detects the change and charges the prorated cost for the days remaining in the billing cycle
A member is deactivatedInactiveCredits are deposited to the Graphite account for the unused portion of the billing cycle

All paid plans have monthly and annual billing options. Annual billing works the same way as monthly: paid seats are calculated based on user activity and prorated on a yearly basis. For users that aren’t active, you're issued credits.

Number of active stacks*10UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of searchable repositories**330Custom
Searchable pull request history***3 months back2 years backCustom
Detailed team insights****NoYesYes
Insights history3 months back2 years backCustom
Merge Queue NoYesYes
GitHub Enterprise (GHES) supportNoNoYes
SupportCommunityPriority inboxSlack Connect channel
Reviewer assignment (coming soon)NoYesYes
Static analysis (coming soon)NoYesYes
Supports repositories with 200+ committersNoNoYes
Monthly feeFree$30/active userContact us
Annual feeFree$300/active userContact us

*An active stack is one with >1 open PR (singular PRs are not considered a “stack” for billing purposes). This limit applies to your entire organization.

**The number of repositories you’ll be able to select on the app-level. If a repository is not selected, you won’t be able to see its PRs in your inbox and it won't show up when you do a global search using CMD+K. You can always change which repositories you've selected at any time, as long as you don't exceed your plan's maximum.

***Refers to the date when the PR was last updated. For example, for the Free plan, you can see PRs that were edited no more than 3 months ago.

****In the Free plan, you can see your own insights and the aggregate for your organization, while detailed insights allow you to see an individual breakdown of all the users in your organization. Read more about Insights.

On the Graphite Free plan, you're limited to 10 open stacks in your entire organization at any given time. For example, if an organization has five users that each have two open stacks, that organization will hit the 10 stack limit (they can be on different repositories within the organization).

A "searchable" or "selected" repository is one that has been specifically selected in the repository dropdown on your Graphite app. While you'll still be able to access PRs from repositories which are not selected, they won't show up in the sections on your PR inbox or in CMD+K search.

The number of searchable/selectable repositories is per-user, per-organization. For example, if the GitHub organization Avocado Corp. is on the Graphite Free plan, it can have up to three repositories in that organization selected at any given point in time. The repositories selected on the app do not affect any other members in Avocado Corp.—the limit is per-user and any warnings about hitting the max number of selected repositories are specific to individual user selections.

If you have multiple organizations set up on the Graphite app, the number of repositories you can select for each one corresponds directly to that organization's plan. For example, if Avocado Corp. is on the Graphite Free plan, but ACME Inc. is on the Graphite Team tier, it can have up to 33 repositories selected on the app—3 from Avocado Corp., and 30 from ACME Inc.

If you see a message that you've hit the maximum number of selected repositories for your Graphite plan, you can upgrade your plan to increase this limit (or modify the existing selections to include a new set of selected repositories).

You're only billed for the number of active users in your organization (those who create/review/merge PRs with Graphite, see a detailed explanation of active user billing above). The number of seats in your organization is automatically adjusted and prorated based on usage, and the number of seats listed on the Stripe billing portal when you start a Graphite Team membership is the number of current active users in your organization.

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