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The highlight of today's release is merge conflict detection! To further streamline your code review experience, Graphite will automatically detect and display a banner on your PR if there are merge conflicts present with another open PR in your repository.

Merge conflict detection is available on Graphite Team and Enterprise plansUpgrade your plan to pre-empt merge conflicts and successfully avoid rebase hell.

Take a look at our two latest blog posts: What is a merge queue, and does your team need one? and The ideal PR is 50 lines long.

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Quick reminder to sign up for Graphite Team - we’re rolling out our pricing plans to more users over the next few weeks. As our earliest supports & beta users, we’re offering our team plan at $20/user/mo (or $18.33/user/mo on an annual plan) until August 7th. For more information, please see our plans and our pricing docs or reach out to

  • The Graphite CLI now supports YubiKeys

  • Comments are no longer lost when a new version is pushed to a PR

  • Comment recovery is run when switching views

  • Warnings for in-progress comments when switching views

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