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graphite launch week 2024

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Jan 16: Accelerating code review

Jan 17: Making stacking seamless

Jan 18: Stacking with the tools you love

Jan 19: What’s next for Graphite + live webinar

2023 was a busy year for us here at Graphite. In fact, over the past year we've shipped 11,319 PRs! 

Some of these PRs went to scaling our infrastructure to support our thousands of new users. Some went to "bug fixes and improvements". The rest went to implementing awesome new features that made the Graphite workflow better than ever.

We're proud to say that the product has improved A LOT.

Graphite's come a long way and we have even more we're excited to show you! To start off 2024, we're dedicating an entire week to showcasing some huge features and changes that are coming to Graphite.

Every day we'll release brand new features with accompanying blog posts, videos, and more, including our first ever live webinar!

Click on this handy calendar invite so you don't miss a thing, and register for the webinar below.

In the grand finale for the week, join our CEO Merrill Lutsky as he discusses how to get the most out of Git, and answers the question: "With all the other new software advances, like AI, why has the Git workflow barely changed in the last 20 years?" Register for the webinar!