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To kick off Graphite Q1 launch week 2024, we’re excited to share three new features designed with the goal of accelerating code review.

Since GitHub’s launch in 2008, code review has barely changed. For almost two decades now, developers have been opening pull requests, waiting for review, and arguing in comments ad nauseam with the sentiment that, while not perfect, the process was “good enough”.

At Graphite, we disagree. Developers deserve better than “good enough”.

Graphite takes code review - a process that almost all of us go through every day - and makes it faster, more ergonomic, and scalable. We’ve pored over decades of feedback from both public and internal tools to craft a new code review platform for the world’s fastest-moving developers & teams.

Today we’re excited to introduce 3 new features designed to accelerate code review and give you time back to focus on building amazing products.

Automations is a new way to take actions on pull requests with if-this-then-that style rules. Automations takes the manual work out of adding reviewers & labels to your PRs, leaving comments, and much more.

Some of the most common stories we hear from our users are things like:

  1. I need to manually add myself or my team as reviewers to every PR I create.

  2. I want to stay informed about changes to code I care about, but there’s too many PRs to sift through manually.

  3. I need to remember different deployment practices depending on the part of the codebase I’m working in.

GitHub’s concept of “code owners” can help with file-path based reviewer assignment, but developers don’t always work in the same directories.

With automations, you can not only assign reviewers based on file paths, but you can also take a wide variety of other actions, including adding labels, commenting on the PR, and sending notifications. You can trigger an automation with almost any property of a PR, such as its author, review status, labels, or base branch.

We built automations to give you back time that you’d otherwise spend on manual-but-necessary work, and without you needing to write and maintain complex GitHub Actions. With the toil automated, you can stay focused on what matters: building great products.

Automations is now available in beta for all Graphite customers. Make your first one today!

Manage your PR inbox & notifications - right from your desktop.

We often hear from developers how difficult it is to stay on top of GitHub notifications — without letting them constantly interrupt your work. With different tools messaging you about new PR comments, CI status updates, deployments, code test coverage, and a million other things, Graphite cut through the noise by introducing a single inbox to manage all of your PRs.

Now, you can get the same great experience as the Graphite dashboard right on your desktop with the Graphite menu bar app.

Without changing apps or browser tabs, you can see if you need to respond to feedback on your PRs or see if your teammate needs a quick review. Your inbox filters are fully customizable, so you can filter out the noise and focus only on what you care about.

The Graphite menu bar app is now generally available for users on MacOS. Install it today!

With one click, Graphite can turn PR comments into code suggestions with AI, making your reviews easy to act on.

Reviewing PRs requires a lot of domain knowledge about languages, frameworks, and your own codebase to leave actionable feedback — which is why we often find ourselves leaving comments like, “please handle the error here” or “use best practice X here”.

Comments like this can help the author ship more reliable software, but it puts the onus on them to interpret and act on each piece of unstructured feedback — increasing the time it takes for them to ship their work.

Graphite’s AI code suggestions help you leave more actionable review feedback and speed up your team’s PRs. You just write your comment in English, and then click the AI button to turn it into a code suggestion that the author can accept with one click.

AI code suggestions are now generally available for all Graphite users! (Unless your org has disabled AI features)

Graphite Q1 launch week continues tomorrow! Join us each day for a roundup of exciting new feature launches. Join us at the week with a live webinar by our co-founder & CEO Merrill Lutsky.

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