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With yesterday’s announcements around accelerating code review, Graphite Q1 launch week is underway. For day 2, we’re excited to share 4 features focused on the most core idea of Graphite: making stacking seamless.

Without other tooling, working with stacked changes on GitHub can be challenging. Dealing with upstream changes and having to manually rebase a stack of many PRs is tedious and error-prone. Graphite makes stacked diffs a first-class citizen for repos on GitHub, automating away all of the manual toil, speeding up your entire review process.

Today we’re making stacking even easier and more accessible than ever - starting with four brand new features:

Visually edit stacks of PRs; apply labels & reviewers across the entire stack.

Every day we see developers performing the same manual steps to create a stack. For each PR in the stack, you have to edit the same template, add most of the same reviewers & labels, mark as merge-when-ready, etc.

Today, we’re launching Graphite stack edit - a powerful new way to create and edit stacks. With stack edit, you can:

  1. Apply the same labels, reviewers, description, and settings across all PRs in your stack

  2. Quickly navigate between PRs in your stack with keyboard shortcuts

  3. Bulk edit & publish stacks so you can get back to building

Graphite stack edit is available in private beta. Sign up for early access!

Quickly jump across PRs in a stack & understand big-picture context about the change you’re reviewing.

When you’re reviewing a PR in a stack, it’s important to understand both the current PR you’re looking at and the broader context it fits in. This gets harder as your team ships stacks of 5, 10, or even 50 PRs (as we sometimes do here at Graphite). Previously you could find the stack visualization in a dropdown when viewing a PR on Graphite, but it was easy to miss if you didn’t know what to look for.

The new stack visualization brings the stack context front-and-center on every pull request. Now, you can:

  1. Quickly visualize & navigate up and down the stack of PRs

  2. See PR statuses at a high-level

  3. Understand the big-picture context of the PR you’re reviewing

Review a pull request in Graphite to see the new stack visualization!

Learn how to stack with an interactive tutorial, right from your terminal.

The most common question we hear is, “how can I teach my team how to use Graphite?” We love to hear this, and have published docs, recorded videos, and do live lunch & learn sessions with teams. To take this a step further, we’ve now made it even easier to learn how to stack with Graphite right from your terminal!

To try it out simply run gt demo. The tutorial will take you through creating your first pull request, all the way to submitting a full stack. gt demo provides a great guide for both those who are brand new to Graphite, and existing users who want to get more comfortable with the CLI. It’s a great way to introduce teammates to the Graphite workflow!

Try out gt demo today on CLI versions 1.1.2 and later.

Give reviewers high-level context about your stack with descriptive stack titles generated by AI.

In our efforts to make stacking as seamless and efficient as possible, we’re employing AI in very intentional, granular ways across the product. One such promising application is AI-generated titles for stacks.

Using the context of the PRs in the stack, Graphite automatically generates a descriptive title for the stack, giving reviewers clarity on the overall intention of the changes it contains.

AI-powered stack titles is available in private beta. Sign up for early access!

Graphite Q1 launch week continues tomorrow! Join us each day for a roundup of exciting new feature launches. Join us at the end of the week with a live webinar by our co-founder & CEO Merrill Lutsky.

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Jan 18: Stacking with the tools you love

Jan 19: What’s next for Graphite + live webinar

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