How to archive a Git branch

Kenny DuMez
Kenny DuMez
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Creating an archive of a Git branch can be very useful, especially when you need to preserve the state of a branch at a specific point in time for compliance, backup, or historical reference. This guide will provide a detailed explanation of how to archive a Git branch, using commands and examples that you can follow directly from your terminal.

The git archive command is used to create an archive (like a .zip or .tar file) from a tree or a set of files in a Git repository.

Before archiving, you might want to ensure that your local branch is up-to-date with its remote counterpart. Here's how you can update your local branch:

git checkout your-branch-name
git pull origin your-branch-name

Replace your-branch-name with the name of the branch you wish to archive.

To create an archive of your branch, use the following command:

git archive --format=zip --output=/path/to/ your-branch-name
  • --format=zip: specifies the format of the archive. Other formats you can use include tar or tar.gz.
  • --output=/path/to/ specifies the path and filename of the output archive.
  • your-branch-name: is the name of the branch you are archiving.

This command will create a .zip file containing the current snapshot of the branch.

If you want to archive branches that are no longer actively used but you want to keep a historical record of, you can use the same command. First, ensure you have a list of all branches, including those not checked out locally:

git fetch --all
git branch -a

Then, you can archive each branch using the same git archive command:

git archive --format=zip --output=/path/to/ old-branch-name

Replace old-branch-name with the name of the branch you want to archive.

For further reading on the Git archive command, see the official Git documentation.

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