Third party Git CLIs

Greg Foster
Greg Foster
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Dive into the realm of third-party command-line interfaces (CLIs) for Git, which enhance or extend the functionality of the standard Git commands. This documentation explores the most popular third-party Git CLIs, their unique features, and how they can optimize your development workflow.

Third-party Git CLIs are tools that offer alternative interfaces to Git, often providing new commands, shortcuts, and workflows not available in the standard Git CLI.

  • GitKraken CLI: Offers a text-based interface with an emphasis on visual clarity.

  • Magit: An Emacs package for interacting with Git, combining the power of Emacs with the flexibility of Git.

  • lazygit: A simple terminal UI for Git commands, aimed at providing a more intuitive Git experience.

  • Enhanced User Experience: They often provide a more user-friendly interface with simplified commands and better visual feedback.

  • Workflow Optimization: Some tools offer workflow-specific features, reducing the number of commands needed to perform common tasks.

  • Extended Functionality: They can introduce features like interactive staging, commit browsing, and advanced logging.

gitkraken interactive

Allows users to stage changes interactively in a visual terminal interface.

M-x magit-status

Provides a comprehensive interface within Emacs for managing branches, commits, and more.


Displays a navigable UI for browsing commits and branches, staging parts of files, and more.

Third-party CLIs may introduce custom commands or extend existing Git commands, offering additional flags and parameters for enhanced control.

Some third-party CLIs are designed to integrate seamlessly with shell environments like bash, zsh, or fish, providing contextual information and autocompletion.

Third-party Git CLIs can often be configured to match individual workflow preferences, including keybindings, color schemes, and output formats.

For troubleshooting and user support:

  • Check the official documentation and repositories of the third-party CLI.

  • Engage with the tool's user community, which can be found on platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, or dedicated forums.

  • Explore tutorials, screencasts, and other educational resources created by the community.

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