Tower was developed by fournova Software and first released in 2011. Tower has evolved over the years to become one of the more advanced and feature-rich Git GUIs available. It caters to both individual developers and larger teams, and its user base has grown substantially since its launch.

  1. Advanced Features: Tower is known for its robust set of features, including advanced branching, sub-module support, and a powerful commit history viewer.

  2. User Interface: The tool offers a clean, well-organized user interface, allowing for easier navigation and better productivity.

  3. Built-in Merge Conflict Resolution: Tower offers an in-built merge conflict resolution editor, providing a seamless way to handle conflicts within the application itself.

  4. Multi-platform: Tower is available for both macOS and Windows, which makes it flexible for teams working on different operating systems.

  5. Undo Capabilities: One of Tower's standout features is its 'Undo' button, allowing users to easily reverse actions and reduce mistakes.

  6. Integration with Popular Services: Tower offers strong integration capabilities with popular code hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

  1. Pricing: Unlike other Git GUIs that offer free versions, Tower does not offer a free tier, which can be a barrier to entry for individual developers or smaller teams.

  2. Complexity: The extensive feature set might be overwhelming for Git beginners, making the tool better suited for more experienced users.

  3. No Linux Support: Tower is not available for Linux, which might be a limitation for some development teams.

Tower has received positive reviews for its advanced feature set and its attention to user experience. However, its pricing model and complexity for beginners have been points of contention among users. Despite this, it maintains a loyal user base that appreciates its more advanced capabilities.

Tower is best suited for intermediate to advanced Git users who require a comprehensive set of features for their workflow. Its robust capabilities make it an excellent choice for larger teams and projects that need more than just basic Git operations.

In summary, Tower is a powerful Git GUI tool that is designed for those who need advanced features and are willing to pay for them. While its pricing and complexity may be cons for some users, its extensive features and polished user interface make it a compelling option for more experienced Git users.

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