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The median PR is 47 lines long
  • The median PR among active developers is 47 lines long.*

    • When we aggregate by developers first, the median user-level PR is 53 lines long.**
  • PRs that receive more reviews tend to be larger:

    • PRs merged after at least one review are 4.3% larger than the median (p<0.05), while PRs merged without review were 23% smaller
    • PRs that receive multiple reviews are, on median, 94 lines long -- twice the size of the median PR.
  • Developers who ship more frequently tend to merge smaller PRs. Developers who ship 5+ PRs a week tend to have 14.3% smaller PRs than developers who ship just once a week.

*To calculate the median pr size, we take all PRs by active developers and take the median of each PR's lines_added + lines_deleted. **To calculate the median PR size at a user level, we take all PRs by active developers and first take the median lines_added + lines_deleted per developer, then take the median again across all developers

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