Who is an active reviewer?
  • Similar to how we define an “active committer” to have a relevant base of users for analysis, we also want to define an “active reviewer” when talking about review trends.

    • A typical Github repo contains many reviews from people who rarely review. In fact, 11% of people with any review activity only submitted 1 review from Jan 2023 to now.
  • Similar to “active developer” then, we propose defining an active reviewer as someone who merges a median of ≥ 1 PR/week — meaning they ship code on a regular basis.

  • For the purposes of current state analysis, they must have reviewed any PRs since 2023

  • and submitted a median of ≥ 1 review per week

  • If we don’t filter for active reviewers, then our curve even more closely follows the Pareto principle: 22% of reviewers drive 80% of all reviews.

Reviewers pareto