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Customize your PR inbox

During onboarding, you chose a set of "global repositories" to use with the Graphite app. By default, all of your PR inbox sections use these global repositories, which you can view and update using the repository selector in the upper left of the app:

To use a different set of repositories for a particular section, click "Default repos selected" in the upper right of the section and choose different repositories from the dropdown.

If you want to customize a section's filters, click the ⚙️ icon in the upper right of the section to open the section editing modal:

From this modal, you can update the section name and filters, choose whether to include PRs in the section on the favicon badge count, and delete the section.

To add a new section, click "add section" on the left side navigation bar to open the section creation modal:

To rearrange your sections, drag and drop the two horizontal lines at the top of each section:


Once you've set up your PR inboxes to your liking, we recommend you bookmark the Graphite app and use it as your daily starting point for code review!

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