Other authentication methods

Authenticating Graphite as a GitHub App is the recommended method. However, if you don't have Organization owner permissions, you can try Graphite by authenticating using a Personal Access Token (PAT).


We no longer support OAuth as an authentication method. Users who previously authenticated with OAuth remain supported, but new signups must use the App or PAT method.


Graphite currently does not have support for fine-grained personal access tokens.

GitHub Personal Access Tokens are designed to give command line tools limited access to work with your account. While they provide the minimum clearance to use the Graphite CLI and app, they give the user the added responsibility of granting the token the correct permissions (see Using a Personal Access Token) and have a limited lifespan before they expire. If you authenticate with a PAT, you may have a degraded Graphite experience.

To use a Personal Access Token with Graphite:

Once you add your token, you can:

  • Select your repository from the drop-downs in each section of the Graphite app

  • Run gt stack submit in the Graphite CLI to create pull requests in GitHub for every branch in your stack

  • See which resources (organizations and repositories) Graphite has access to, add additional organizations or repositories, and update your PAT. You can also choose to switch to authenticating with the GitHub App method (recommended).

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