Key features

All of the features listed below are designed to help empower your developer workflow, and decrease the time it takes to merge your pull requests.

Unless otherwise stated, these features are all included in the Graphite free tier.

The Graphite command line interface is often the first tool that users install when exploring how Graphite can power their workflow. The tool is similar to Arcanist, allowing users to stack their branches from the command line and push PRs directly to GitHub—without having to deal with the mess of changing branch dependencies, executing rebases, or resolving messy merge conflicts.

Under the hood, the CLI is just invoking a series of git commands—mostly automating and combining commands we know you'll need.

Installing the CLI is easy.

We know how important it is to stay up-to-date with your own and your teammates' pull requests: the more informed you are, the faster you can ship code.

The Graphite PR inbox functions similarly to an email inbox—you can see all of the pull requests that need your review, have been returned to you, are waiting for review, and more. You can customize your inbox "sections" using a combination of pre-filled and boolean filters, and drag sections in the left panel or main app to rearrange their order.

At Graphite, we believe the code is the most important part of a pull request. With that in mind, we built our pull request page around the code rather than keeping all of the important information behind tabs.

With Insights, you can create, save, and share custom views that query the review statistics of specific members or teams in your organization. Regardless of a person's role at a company (IC engineer, manager), everyone benefits from seeing metrics around the way they review code.

The most important part of code review is definitely the memes (duh). Import your own memes into the customizable Graphite meme library, and use / aliases to include them in your comments as you're reviewing code.

Receive Graphite notifications in the app or in Slack.

Graphite's actionable Slack notifications are meant to be actionable and insightful—and like the CLI, can be used independently. After installing the Graphite Slack App on your Slack workspace, you can configure the types of events that you will receive notifications for in Slack.

The configurable Slack notifications include code changes in the Slack thread, the ability to approve, comment or request changes directly from Slack, and other important actions on the PRs you're involved in.

Merge queues help increase the velocity of your team's ability to push code by automating merges into your trunk branch. In addition to this, the Graphite Merge Queue honors the dependencies between PRs in a stack (which is already ordered), using our fast-forward merge strategy where dependent PRs are validated and processed in parallel.

Reach out to schedule a demo or trial of the Graphite Merge Queue.

Sync allows you to use Graphite even if others on your team don't. Your Graphite account connects to your GitHub account and continuously syncs every pull request, comment, and reaction—instantly and securely.

The Graphite Visual Studio Code extension simplifies git operations, state, and workflows, and packages the power of Graphite into a friendly UI.

Want to learn more about Graphite and how it can supercharge your code review experience? Reach out to schedule a demo or learn more.

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